About Us

Ink is about finding and working with artists and recordings that really need to be heard.
Too often great recordings are being crowded out by the tidal wave of white noise, run-of-the mill recordings and the truck loads of marketing money spent by the majors on TV talent contest winners and boy bands.
We are passionate about music and between us have broad experience in deal making, business affairs, production and promotion in the music business.
We communicate with people who love music and who want to discover and rediscover music they will go on listening to for years to come.
We will excite your musical taste buds with new music and our classic playlists driven by mood and discovery together with links to great radio and television programmes about music. Everything a real music lover could possibly want in one place.
Follow us if you really love music and you want to carry on exploring and properly listening to your music.
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INK - independent, creative, determined.

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